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Finger Paintings
Finger Paintings is designed to provide piano students with a wide variety of music repertoire, which will enhance reading and performance skills. Book 1 contains 11 short solos in numerous 5-finger patterns. Students are introduced to most of the basic elements of notation; the tuneful melodies are divided between the hands. For added motivation and enjoyment, optional teacher accompaniments are included. Titles include: A LAZY, HAZY DAY ANCIENT DANCE CHOCOLATE FUDGE SWIRLS GIGGLE BUGS HIP HOP HOLIDAY! MOONFINDER PEACEFUL PEACH PEPPERONI MARCH SAD WARRIOR SUNDAY SWING Selections: (A) Giggle Bugs; (B) Sad Warrior; (C) Ancient Dance
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Five-Star Solos, Bk. 1 Early Elementary/Elementary


Choosing just the right piece for each student is one of the most important attributes of a good teacher.  I love it when I hear things like, "Mr. A., can I please play the piece that Brenda played on the last recital?" or, "Mr. A., the piece that John played is one of the coolest pieces I've ever heard!  Do you think I could play it?"

The books in the Five-Star Solos series provide students and teachers with a wide variety of pieces at graded levels.  An array of styles, colors, tempos, and moods are included in each book.  Ballads, waltzes, Latin pieces, contemporary sounds, and "showstoppers" all combine to make teaching fun and exciting.  At the same time, students will be rewarded with music that sets them apart from the crowd.  Have fun exploring page after page of music that will have students smiling and parents glowing.  I hope that you find many new "favorites" in this series, and I wish you continued success and joy in your musical journey!   Dennis Alexander


Titles include:  Country Jamboree! - Crash, Bang, Boogie! - Forever True - Hiking Buddies - Magical Creatures - My First Sonatina - Scottish Highlanders - Simple Things - There's Music in a Hammer - Tribal Dance - Victory March!

Hear Dennis Alexander perform the following  selections:  A.  Tribal Dance;  B.  Simple Things;  C.  Crash, Bang, Boogie!  (Click on the arrow)


This product can be ordered 
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