Early Intermediate Duet Collections
Just for You and Me, Bk. 2

The 2nd duet book in this series, students will love working on these pieces. Syncopation, singing melodies, tender ballads, mixed meters and mellow contemporary sounds are all found in this collection designed to provide hours of ensemble pleasure and musical enjoyment to students young, old or in between! Titles: Cozy Nights * Czardas * Elegy * Fiesta Burlesca * Lazy Kind of Waltz * Thinking of You

Hear Dennis Alexander play these selections: A. Thinking of You; B. Czardas; C. Elegy

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Just for Two, Bk. 2

My "Just for You" piano solo collections were some of the first books that I wrote for Alfred Music Publishing Company.  They have always been among the top sellers in my library.  Now, I am delighted to share with you duet versions of many favorites from those solo books in my new series, "Just for Two".   Piano students always enjoy making music together.  I hope that these duets will prove to be "twice the fun" of the original solo versions!  Enjoy, and happy music making.

Contents: Autumn Splendor * Ballad * Bright Red * Fiesta Fever * The Last Dance * Montana Rag * Soft-Shoe Sally * Sound the Trumpets!.  

Hear Dennis Alexander perform the following selections:  A.  Ballad;  B.  Montana Rag;  C.  Fiesta Fever


This product can be ordered
from your favorite music dealer or

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