Early Advanced Solo Sheets
Arioso (for RH alone)
This solo in Eb major is a gem in the repertoire for Right Hand alone. Marked "adagio cantabile", it starts with a beautiful melodic line in harmonic 6ths supported by arpeggiated chords in the lower register. The middle section modulates to D major and builds to a convincing climax before returning to the quiet mood of the opening. Hear Dennis Alexander perform this solo. Click on arrow.
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Journey of the Heart
Dennis Alexander was commissioned by the Double Sharp Music Club of Warroad, MN to write this piano solo in memory of Katie Jo Olafson. Katie was a 16-year-old sophomore at Warroad High School when she lost her life on October 2, 2000 after suffering injuries in an automobile accident. Katie loved music and couldn't walk by a piano without stopping to play it. She participated in piano competitions, playing both solos and duets, and always earned the highest marks. This early advanced solo is written at the level that Katie's friends are currently playing and is in the style that Katie liked to play. Katie's friends and family have used music to help them with the healing process. It is our hope that this solo celebrating Katie's life will bring them solace as well. Also included in "Dennis Alexander's Favorite Solos, Bk. 3"
Hear Dennis Alexander perform this solo. Click on arrow.
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Consolation in D-flat Major (for RH alone)

This beautiful and lyrical composition for RH Alone at the Early Advanced level was written by Dennis Alexander for his dear friend and musical colleague, Ingrid Clarfield. An active lecturer and adjudicator, Clarfield has given master classes, lecture-recitals and pedagogy workshops throughout the United States and Canada. She is a stroke survivor, who has lost the use of her left arm, but continues to inspire teachers and students alike through her brilliant teaching and lectures. Although written for RH Alone, the solo can easily be adapted for 2-hands with some changes in fingering.

Hear Dennis Alexander perform "Consolation in Db"


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New Mexico - Land of Enchantment (Recital Suite)

Written in honor of New Mexico's Centennial Celebration in 2012, and dedicated to the New Mexico School of Music for the 3rd Annual Dennis Alexander Piano Competition. Dennis Alexander’s New Mexico: Land of Enchantment is a journey through the state’s historic Spanish past, its Native American influences, and one of its most beautiful natural landmarks, the Sandia Mountains. The suite begins with “Popé’s Rebellion,” a musical depiction of the famous Pueblo Revolt of 1680. It features a majestic introduction followed by a fast and agitated main theme in 7/8 meter. The second movement, “Kokopelli Magic,” uses playful rhythms and articulations to capture the personality of the trickster god, Kokopelli. “Sunset on the Sandias,” the final movement, is a lyrical display of the beautiful colors that fall on this natural landmark, the Sandia Mountains, at sunset.

Hear Dennis Alexander perform the following selections:  A.  Pope's Rebellion;  B.  Kokopelli Magic;  C.  Sunset on the Sandias   (Click on the arrow)

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Big Sky Montana - Recital Suite (Early Advanced)


Big Sky Montana contains three pieces that imaginatively depict this western state. "Land of the Shining Mountains" uses multiple key changes to display the majesty of Montana's various mountain ranges. Challenges for the student include large reaches in the left hand, a few accents, and syncopated rhythms. "Song of the Sky" portrays traditional Salish music, performed on the flageolet (or "love flute") The graceful melody, a love song, is played at night by young men who wished to serenade their sweethearts.  It is relaxing, and accidentals and arpeggios add variety. In the final piece, "Battle of Little Bighorn," fast eighth notes and frequently changing meter create a lively mood, evoking a famous conflict between the US army and Native American tribes. An extended section of polychords creates dissonant, clashing harmonies, which capture the dramatic battle. The middle section, which remains rhythmic, has a more fluid feel.

Hear Dennis Alexander perform (A) Land of the Shining Mountains; (B) Song of the Sky; (C) Battle of Little Bighorn (click on arrow)


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