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Former U. of Montana students at state convention w/Janet Steen receiving "20 years" award plaque Weather's Music --  Salem, OR (2007) with Ingrid Clarfield, World Piano Pedagogy Conference, 2005 Renee Cunning & Kathryn Loundsberry, WPPC, 2005 with Dan Coates, MTNA 2007 with Iris and Morty Manus, MTNA 2006 Linda Kennedy--Maumelle, AR  Adopted Composer Program - Commissioned "Prelude and Toccata" with Allison Ritchie, 1st place poster: Traffic Zoo Traffic Zoo poster My Favorite Kinds of Things poster Commissioned Work "Prelude and Toccata" Proud Parents, Little Rock, AR former students Katie Hume, Patrick Yew, Justin Yew, and Bowden Pollock with Lois and Deb, Ward Brodt Music, Madison Katie Hume and Shelby (true love!) Nancy Cochran, Music Dep't. Chair, Southern Methodist University Kathryn Tobey, president-elect--Louisiana MTA Convention 2007 Weather's Music - Salem, OR  "A Beautiful Set-Up" 2007 Westminster Choir College w/Ingrid Clarfield & 2 of her wonderful young students w/Elise Russell, Houston Independent Music Teachers, 2007 w/students at Houston Independent Music Teachers master class--2007 Carol, Lori, and DeAnn - Senseney Music, Wichita 3/7/08 with Pedagy Students at Senseney Music 3/7/08 Kansas: The Sunflower State (Suite commissioned by Newton Piano Teacher's League) Before the all-Alexander concert - Hillsboro/Newton students 3/8/08 Happy Performers! Congratulations on a job well done. Autograph Time Yay! I found what I wanted to play. Serena Wong with teacher Sharon Koehn Serena Wong, winning program cover! My wonderful assistant for the day, Meghann Eblen! with Dr. Sheila Schmidt  (organizer extraordinaire) and DeAnn Diller, Senseney Music in Wichita Yum!!  Terrific lunch on Tabor University campus 3/8/08 Surprise! Beautiful glass paperweight from DeAnn Diller with young fan named Jacob (Senseney Music 3/7/07) With co-author Ingrid Clarfield at MTNA 2008. "Keys to Artistic Performance" MTNA 2008 - Denver -- The "Alfred Gang" Morty and Iris Manus - Alfred Publishing Company -- MTNA Convention 2008 Our great "piano marketing team"-- Kathryn, Alex, and Renée with Lillian Livingston, Ingrid Clarfield, Ken Christensen, and Bill Cox Melody Bober, Jeanine Jacobson, Jenna Forbes, and Iris Manus part of the Alfred Booth - MTNA, Denver - 2008 with Karen Harrington and Philelle McBrayer---my Oklahoma teacher friends! Yamaha Friends: Sue Downs, George Litterst, Lori Frazer, Jim Levesque, Dennis Stanfill U of Nebraska at Kearney Spring Workshop 2008  Valerie Cisler, chair and daughter Lauren with Jane West, doorprize winner with another door prize winner, and Hikari Maekawa who played the Grieg concerto for me. masterclass student Blake Woodburn, York and his wonderful teacher. with student attendees at UNK spring piano workshop with Ft. Walton Beach teachers after my evening concert 4/25/08 with Ft. Walton Beach Choctaw Bay Club president Connie Smith with two wonderful teachers from the Choctaw Bay Club in Ft. Walton Beach, FL Karen & Phil LeGrand, who organized this festival weekend of events & even loaned me their car! With two young fans after the concert on Friday evening. Proud students after the Alexander Student Festival on Saturday Proud students after the Alexander Student Festival on Saturday Proud students after the Alexander Student Festival on Saturday Proud students after the Alexander Student Festival on Saturday Proud students after the Alexander Student Festival on Saturday w/faculty & friends at Bowling Green St. U Pedagogy Workshop 6/17/08 w/Judy Lewis (music exhibitor) and Hyla Sharrock at Bowling Green pedagogy workshop with teacher Victoria Steindler at Bowling Green St. U. pedagogy workshop with teacher Oksana Melnychenko at Bowling Green St. U. pedagogy workshop with Ellen Tryba Chen during masterclasses in Saratoga, CA 1/31/09 with adult students of Ellen Tryba Chen's in Saratoga, CA  1/31/09 with students of Ellen Tryba Chen in Saratoga, CA  2/1/09 with co-author Ingrid Clarfield (Keys to Artistic Performance Books 1-3) with Lillian Livingston (pianist & clinician) at New Jersey State Conference, 2009.  Gary Ingle, Ingrid Clarfield (Teacher of the Year, 2009) Lillian Livingston - NJ Conference Student performers at Steinway Hall Masterclass, NYC  - Nov. 2009 FIRST Annual Dennis Alexander Competition - Houston, TX  1/23/10 Planning Committee: Elise Russell, Janice Van Derbur, Susan Hines Judges: Tim Hester, Dennis Alexander, Norman Schack Division 1 Winners Division 2 Winners Division 3 Winners Elise Russell, Committee Chair With Elise and Mike Russell North Carolina State Conference, Oct. 9-10, 2009; Liz LaBelle, President N.C. teacher Margaret Evans and also former colleague from Montana days. Margaret Evans with her talented high school student. With teacher friends from North Carolina State Conference North Carolina wins hospitality award! Basket of goodies in hotel room--Yum! Monster Concert Poster, San Jose St. U.  - Jan. 31, 2010 Monster Concert Planning Committee---Great Job, Everyone!! Chris Hepp 2nd from right. Performance, San Jose St. University ---- Great job, everyone! Great work, performers! Marcia Stearns from Bookmark Music, Pacific Grove, CA.  Great job, Marcia!!! MTNA-Albuquerque 2010; w/Lillian Livingston and Ingrid Clarfield at our home. with Elise Russell and Shelby at our home during MTNA Convention 2010 with Ingrid Clarfield at reception in honor of her documentary "Take a Bow"! All SIX levels of the Premier Piano Course, at long last, in Alfred's MTNA booth. E.L. Lancaster & Gayle Kowalchyk at MTNA banquet. w/Dan Coates and Joyce Grill, Alfred colleagues at MTNA in Albuquerque Carol Matz and I at the Alfred Booth Katherine Tobey, good friend and President of Louisiana MTA. Lillian Livingston, Ena Bronstein with Bill at a party in our home for MTNA friends. Bill and I with Morty and Iris Manus - this was also Morty's birthday!! Morty's birthday "carrot cake"! Martha Mier, Patty Clark (a former student) and her talented HS winner, Andrew! The Alfred Keyboard Team--Renée Cunning, Alex Ordonez, Janet Steen, & Jenna Forbes Beautiful ladies from New Jersey--Kristin, Laura, Ingrid, and Betty w/ Amy Grinsteiner & teacher Robin McCabe following final doctoral recital at UW Amy Grinsteiner w/ fiancée Corey Harmon.  Amy is a former student from Missoula, MT w/ Mark Neiwirth, Director of Musicians West Competition in Pocatello, ID   5/13/10 w/ Kori Bond, Mark Neiwirth - piano faculty members at Idaho St. U., Pocatello Abbi Clark (co-chair of competition) and Kori Bond, faculty member Congratulations to winners in the competition! More winners in Musicians West Competition Still more excited winners from Musicians West Competition! Korea Tour 2010 Seoul Teachers Group Seoul Workshop Seoul Workshop Seoul Workshop With Allen Oh,  President of Sangjiwon Music with staff of Sangjiwon Music Seoul Workshop Masan Fish Market Fresh Octopus Octopus Soup for dinner!  Yum!! Washington St. District Conference - Oct. 2010 Lakewood Music Centers did a GREAT job of exhibiting! Master Class I'll do anything to get across a point! Proud Master Class participants Autograph party afterwards! with Mary Ellen Cavelti, President of District with Cheri Dyer, Amy Grinsteiner, and Mary Ellen Cavelti with Amy Grinsteiner, my former student & fellow clinician! Having fun working with Margaret and Sarah Eddy a final "hug" after our duo performance Craig Music, Toledo, OH 2010 Kidder Music, Peoria, IL 2010 Kidder Music, overflow room with monitor Knapton Music display, Janesville, WI Ward Brodt Music, Madison, WI Ward Brodt, recital hall in music store Heid Music, Green Bay, WI Heid Music - autograph music time Heid Music - Store Managers Heid Music Christmas Performance Class - Michael, Lily, Ann, Eliana, & Kay with partner Bill Cox following Christmas Performance Class Dennis Alexander Piano Competition - Albuquerque 2011 Category 1 contestants all receive a medal, certificate, & signed music Category 1 Winners Anna  Yakura gets her 1st place trophy, cash award, and diploma at the Winner's Concert on Sunday Meico Hsiao got 3rd place in Category II and also won an award for "best performance of a Denni Performers in all 3 categories following the awards presentation at the  Winners Recital on Sunday a Tatiana and I performed 2-piano works on the 2nd half of the program on Sunday - the Rachmaninoff Su with Tatiana Vetrinskaya, who organized the competition. Lillian Livingston and Ingrid Clarfield at our home, before MTNA starts with Ingrid at her documentary receptioin with E.L. Lancaster, Keyboard Editor-in-Chief at Alfred Presenting ALL 6 LEVELS of Premier Piano Course!!  Yay!! with friend Elise Russell at MTNA with Dan Coates and Joyce Grill with Carol Matz, author of Famous and Fun series with Martha Mier, Andrew, and his teacher & my former student, Patty Clark all friends from Westminster Choir College at our reception during MTNA Dan Coates We celebrated Morty's birthday at the MTNA reception at our home! Bill and I with Morty and Iris Renée, Alex, Janet, and Jenna. Our fabulous Alfred piano team! friend Katherine Tobey from Louisiana. with Bethany and her mom Joan at Dave's Music Den, Ft. Wayne, IN Dave's Music Den which is inside the AMAZING Sweetbriar Music Building Part of the warehouse at Sweetwater Music in Ft. Wayne, IN the Sweetwater Microphone Vault at their huge facility Sweetwater Recording Facility - Major artists come here to record. With the "Tulsa Gang" during the U. of Oklahoma Piano Teachers Seminar Jane Magrath and Taeyon Choi (from S. Korea) at Jane's reception Gayle Kowalchyk, Rick Valentine, Alex Ordonez, and Richard Dowling Tom Gerou, Rick Valentine, and Richard Dowling with Dowling Music friends Rick, Jim, and Richard former students Justin and Patrick Yew with teacher friends Alicia Jones and Suzy Hanna Stewart Gordon, Prof. of Piano at USC ---good friend and a co-author

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