Teaching "Reverie in F minor" - (Late Intermediate Sheet Solo)
The Joy of Teaching a Rote Piece - by my fellow author Amy Greer
My "Toccata" Repertoire for students
20 Practical Principles of Good Piano Teaching
Using Premier Course Technique Books
Introducing Jazz Improvisation to Students
Clavier Companion Interview - March/April 2013
What is the first artistic gesture that you teach and why?
Tango a la Mango (from "A Splash of Color" Bk. 3)
Looking for creative teaching aids?
Online "Piano Teacher School"
Great Website for Self-Published Books, etc., etc.
A Blog You Should Read Each Week!
Making Summer Lessons More Fun
Especially in Romantic Style, Bk. 2 "Impromptu in G minor"
Videos Can Be Helpful for Both Teacher and Student
Winter Rhapsody - Late Intermediate Level Solo
Listing of "Pupil Savers" - Motivation Repertoire -- Collections and Solos
"Midnight Waltz" from The Magic of Music, Bk. 3
Mr. A Presents "First Showstoppers"
Mr. A Presents "First Lyric Pieces"
Student AND Teacher Motivation Ideas
Twenty Four Character Preludes
A Composer Speaks
Prelude and Toccata--Intermediate Solo

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