Student AND Teacher Motivation Ideas


 What ways can the teacher motivate and inspire the student? 


1.  Choose interesting and exciting repertoire;   discuss the value of using music by educational composers.  Most students get bored with the same “diet” of repertoire, so be flexible and give them a real variety of things.


  1.  Play pieces for the student that they will be learning.  They’ll be much more motivated when they hear a piece played up to tempo!


  1. Studio contests for memorizing, technique, sight reading, theory, flash cards, etc.


  1. Enter students in various auditions, festivals, contests, etc.


  1. Change lesson format frequently.


  1. Prepare students thoroughly when assigning new pieces ---  do everything possible to avoid student’s practicing mistakes for a whole week.


  1. Give long and short-term goals.


  1. Practice techniques change with different kinds of pieces – be creative in suggesting how to practice different styles.


  1. Have various types of theme recitals or a “favorite composer’s recital”


  1.  Progress reports




How can parents motivate and inspire their children? 


  1. Ask student to show them their assignment for the week.


  1. Ask student to play their favorite piece for them.


  1. Offer frequent praise and encouragement.


  1. Provide a good practicing environment.


  1. Be supportive of the teacher----get students to lessons on time, and make sure they have all necessary materials.


How can teachers motivate themselves?


  1. Go to music stores and browse often.


  1. Exercise and take care of yourself.


  1. Join professional organizations and be a part of a group.


  1. Subscribe and read various musical journals.


  1. Find a “mentor” in the organization you belong to.


  1. Coach new repertoire with a teacher occasionally.


  1. Involve yourself in technology at some level.


  1. Design a studio policy that allows you paid vacations, and/or time to attend a professional convention, either state or national level.

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