Listing of "Pupil Savers" - Motivation Repertoire -- Collections and Solos
Dennis Alexander’s Favorite Solos, Bk. 1  (E-LE)

Dennis Alexander’s Favorite Solos, Bk. 2  (EI-I)

Dennis Alexander’s Favorite Solos, Bk. 3  (LI-EA)

>Just for You, Bk. 1  (E)

Just for You, Bk. 2  (EI)

Just for You, Bk. 3  (I)

Just for You, Bk. 4  (LI)

Especially for Adults,  Bk. 1 (EI)

Especially for Adults, Bk. 2  (I)

Especially for Adults, Bk. 3  (LI)

Especially for Boys,  (LE)

Especially for Girls,  (LE-EI)

24 Character Preludes (LI-EA)
Showstoppers (I-LI)

Just for You and Me, Bk.1 (Duets) (LE)
Just for You and Me, Bk2 (Duets) (I)

Folk Song Portraits, (Duets) (I)

Folk Song Silhouettes, (I)

Finger Paintings, Bk. 1  (EE)
Finger Paintings, Bk. 2  (E)

Finger Paintings, Bk. 3 (LE)

First Showstoppers (LE)

First Ragtime Pieces (LE)

Five Star Folk Duets (E)

Five Star Classical Duets  (E)

Five Star Sacred Duets  (E)

Five Star Patriotic Duets  (E)

Five Star Christmas Duets (E)

Alfred's Basic Duet Books, Levels 1B - 4

Alfred's Basic Adult Duet Books, 1 & 2

(correlate with Alfred’s Basic Piano Library)

Alfred's Premier Piano Course

Performance Books - 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, 5

These collections have lots of good solos in all styles, and
would be excellent motivational material for students of all
ages regardless of the method you might be using.

Solo Sheets:
A Wonderful Day (E)
A Very Happy Song (E)
Broadway Magic! (E)
Eight-O-Four!  (E)
Gold Medal March (E)
My Favorite Kinds of Things (E)
March King (E)
Traffic Zoo (E)

Blackbeard’s Bounty (LE)
Pranksters (LE)

Busybody (EI)
Close Caper  (EI)
Glacier Majesty (EI)
Poco Locomotion (EI)
Screamin’ Cat Boogie (EI)
Toccata Vivo (EI)
Valse Romantique (EI)

Dizzy Delight (I)
El Zapateado (I)
Newport Rock (I)
Prelude and Toccata (I)
Rhythm Roulette (I)
Scherzo in A minor (I)
Toccata Brillante (I)
Turboccata (I)
Valse élégante (I)
Valse Moderne  (I)

Danse Humoresque (LI)
Elegy for LH Alone  (LI)
Everlasting (LI)
Great Northwest , The (Recital Suite) (LI)
Kansas: the Sunflower State  (Recital Suite) (LI)
Peaceful Hearts for RH Alone (LI)
Tarantella Burleska (LI)
Toccata Spirito (LI)
Winter Rhapsody (LI)

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