My "Toccata" Repertoire for students

Teachers have been asking me "How many toccatas have you written over the years, and do you have a list of them somewhere?"    When I was first asked that question, I actually didn't know how many toccatas I have written, so I'm happy to report that I now have that information and below, you will see every toccata that is currently in my library, and how to find it!  I hope this will be helpful information for you.


1.  Rhythm-a-catta  (Late Intermediate Sheet Solo)

2.  Prelude and Toccata (Intermediate Sheet Solo)

3.  Toccata Brillante (Intermediate Sheet Solo; The Best of Dennis Alexander, Bk. 2)

4.  Toccata Spirito (Late Intermediate Sheet Solo; Dennis Alexander's Favorite Solos, Bk. 3)

5.  Toccata Vivo (Early Intermediate Sheet Solo)

6.  Turbocata (Intermediate Sheet Solo)

7.  Toccata Robusto (Keys to Artistic Performance, Bk. 1)

8.  Toccata Lyrica (Keys to Artistic Performance, Bk. 3)

9.  Toccata Chromatica (Keys to Stylistic Performance, Bk. 3)

10.  Terra-Toccata (Showstoppers)

11.  Fanfare Toccata Rondo (2 pianos - Sheet Duet)

12.  Titanium Toccata (Splash of Color, Bk. 3)

13.  Premier Toccatina (Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Performance Bk. 4)

14.  Toccata ritmico (Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Lesson Bk. 4)

15.  You Gotta Toccata! (Five-Star Solos, Bk. 5)

16.  Toccata Tempestosa (Late Intermediate Sheet Solo)

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