Video Releases

Alfred's Premier Piano Course
Lesson Bk. 1A (With 7 yr. old student - I Like Soccer, Time to Celebrate)
Lesson Bk. 1B (Butterfly, My Sombrero, It's a Brand New Day)
Performance Bk. 1B (Fourth Grade Band, I Love to Play Piano)
Lesson Bk. 2A (Au Clair de la Lune, The Food Court, Qwerty)
Performance Bk. 2A (March 1 and March 2, Runaway Stagecoach)
Lesson Bk. 2B (Pirates at Sea, Over the Rainbow, Fiesta de Espaņa)
Performance Bk. 2B (Purple Twilight, A Cool Waltz)
Lesson Bk. 2B with 10 yr. old student Eliana
Lesson Bk. 3 (Midnight at the Museum, Watercolors, La Mia Tarentella)
Performance Bk. 3 (Video Game Challenge, Starry Night)
Lesson Bk. 4 (Scenes of Granada, Purple Twilight, The Great Smoky Mountains)
Performance Bk. 4 (Letters from Home, Premier Toccatina)
Lesson Bk. 5 (Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, No.1; Greek Festival, Barcarolle)
Performance Bk. 5 (Caprice, Watercolor Impressions, Blues Toccata)
Lesson Bk. 6 (Toccata ritmico, Nocturne in Db, Festival fantastico)
Performance Bk. 6 (Serenade de Seville, Reverie)

Dennis Alexander Library
24 Character Preludes
Especially in Romantic Style, Bk. 1
Especially in Romantic Style, Bk. 2
Especially in Romantic Style, Bk. 3
Dennis Alexander's Favorite Solos, Bk. 2 (cameo appearance by Shelby the Schnauzer)
Especially Popular Christmas, Book 1
Especially Popular Christmas, Book 2
Especially Popular Christmas, Book 3
Especially in Jazzy Style, Bk. 1
Especially in Jazzy Style, Bk. 2
Especially in Jazzy Style, Bk. 3
World Premiere of "Dance Suite", commissioned by MTNA 2013; Piano, violin, cello

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